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Upcoming Events

*All events are from 7-8pm EST

2022 Grand Rounds

Sunday, December 18th: Mental performance: how to be mentally ready for competition season

December Grand Rounds 2022

2023 Grand Rounds

Sunday, January 22nd Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches: How to go from Preseason to In season

Sunday, February 12th Medical Provider: Upper extremity Injuries in Gymnastics

Sunday, March 5th Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches: Last minute injury prevention checklist

Sunday, April 16th Medical Providers: Interesting Gymnastics Specific Cases

Sunday, May 7th Medical Providers: Thoracic spine and scapular rehab, mechanics, and injury


Sunday, June 11th Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches: Yoga, Pilates, and “alternative” training in the


Sunday, September 17th Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches: Importance of Warm Up, Conditioning,

Prehab, and Mental Training

Sunday, October 15th Medical Provider: Injury screening tools to use in your clinic and

medical coverage PEARLS for gymnastics

Sunday, December 10th Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches: Injury Screening Tools and Injury

Prevention Tips and Tricks for Gymnasts to be Injury FREE this season!

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